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Most calls include a charge to connect and then a charge for every minute you use the line (can be up to £5 per minute).Most phone operators charge an additional Network Access Charge for use of these numbers.Usually a phone call lasts 30 minutes and a 1-2-1 counsellor chat lasts around 40 minutes.But this could be less or more depending on what help you need.You can talk to them about anything, from self-harm and sexting to exam stress and eating problems.You can also ask them their name if you like and they'll tell you their first name.Established and regulated since 2001, we are a great choice if you want continuous calls and reliable payment.

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Our really helpful Blog gives you tips for when you are taking calls! We are an extremely busy service and we require talented ladies that love talking on the phone.

Seniors have a higher risk of chronic loneliness, but people of all ages can suffer.

To help people regain some control over their social lives, Dr.

This is an immediate start position and signing up is easy.

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There are no upfront costs and no trolling is required.

These numbers are normally used for customer service lines, such as technical support lines, chat lines, tarot/horoscope lines and sales/booking lines.