Guide to updating psp firmware

18-Oct-2017 07:18

Their firmwares are nearly identical to the official ones, only better.There are two major variants of custom firmware (CFW) that are currently supported: PRO CFW and neuron's Minimal Edition (ME) CFW.Choose the one that you prefer; though in truth, they are almost identical.Both of them are based on OFW 6.60, though PRO CFW also actively supports 6.20 and 6.35 versions.The last generation of a long history of PSP Custom Firmware, with a pedigree from Dark Ale X's original code.It's been made open source and still gets bugfixes even to this day.You can either plug the Memory Stick Duo card into your PSP and then connect the PSP to your computer, or if you can copy it to the memory stick some other way, that’s fine also.Step 3: Before you copy the file to the Memory Stick Duo, you first need to create a few folders.

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An update to the PSP® system software was released on January 15th, 2015.

Note that there are three ways to update the firmware on a PSP: using a computer, via network update, and updating using an UMD. Step 1: First, download the latest PSP firmware from the PSP System Software site.